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The Eurogam it is the newst distribuitor of the systems

Sheet metal joining made simple. Whether joining plain, painted or coated sheet metal parts with BTM's patented Tog-L-Loc sheet metal joining system there are no fasteners, no sparks, no fumes.

With Tog-L-Loc®, You will.....
- Increase QUALITY
- Increase PROFITS
- REDUCE Down Time
- REDUCE Scrap Rates
- REDUCE Costs

Tog-L-Loc forms a strong interlocking joint within the metals themselves. Fast, economical and consistent, Tog-L-Loc is used worldwide in the manufacture of automobiles, appliances and other products.

From simple tooling to high speed automation, BTM can provide solutions to your manufacturing requirements.


Como é o processo?
The joint button is measured as a reliable non-destructive checking method.
Galvanized coating remains intact over the joint, enhancing corrosion resistence of the product.
Because there are no cutting edges or weld tips to maintain, tool life is commonly in excess of 250,000 joints.
Joint sizes are classified by the punch diameter. Standard sizes are: 3.0mm, 4.6mm, 5.5mm, and 6.4mm.

The punch draws the metals into the die and squeezes the bottom of the drawn section. The moving die blades allow an outward flow of metal, expanding the diameter to form a strong circular lock. This mechanical process is highly consistent in production.

The moving die blades greatly reduce the force required to produce the joint as compared with fixed die styles. There is also no concern for joining oily metals, as oil can easily drain away without harming the die. The joined parts can easily be lifted from the die without requiring a die side stripper. A stripper is only required on the punch side.

Joins plain, coated, and dissimilar metals. • No rivets, screws or other fasteners.
Eliminates spot welding operations. • Long tool life; 250,000 joints common.
Joins in a single press stroke. • Non destructive checking with a simple gage.
Strong and highly fatigue resistant. • Leakproof joints. • No sparks, fumes or soot..

EUROGAM - representative of the transporters Flex Link in the Parana

Flex Link is manufacturer of transporters type palletizers, mono-ways and parallel tracks.

Transporters constructed in aluminum profile, modular, resistant and adaptable for some types of process automation, taking care of the most demanding flows of production. X 1500 mm holds pallets of 150 x 150 mm up to 900. For other measures, it makes us a consultation!

The Eurogam carries through retrofit of operations machines, lathes, etc, also makes up dates of operations, passing a machine of conventional operations to carry through operations special, as it is allowed by its structure. For example, conversion of a simple machine in a machine that operates with CNC

It eurogam carries through works of preventive maintenance and corrective of machines of diverse transports, and degrees of complexity. Through our team technique highly enabled, we can guarantee to our customers a quality work.




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