Newness of Setor 

(01/03/05) The Eurogam it is the newst distribuitor of the systems
Sheet metal joining made simple. Whether joining plain, painted or coated sheet metal parts with BTM's patented Tog-L-Loc sheet metal joining system there ... It reads More

01/03/05) Representative of the transporters Flex Link in the Paraná
Flex Link is manufacturer of transporters type palletizers, mono-ways and parallel tracks ... It reads More


Avenida Maringá, 455

Jardim Pedro Demeterco
Cep. 83.324-000 - Pinhais - PR 

Tele/Fax: (0xx 55 41) 3668-6135


Automatic manipulator

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Flexible transporter

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What is industrial automation ?

Set of the techniques and the systems of manufacture production based in machines with capacity to execute tasks previously executed by the man and to control sequências of operations without the intervention human being.

Based in programmable devices with capacity to operate almost independently of the human control (as it happens in the domínios of the telecommunications, the aeronautics and the astronautics).